Mission Statement

The mission of Delk-Henson Intermediate School is to foster a nurturing learning environment that provides students with challenging opportunities for individual academic growth and promotes the development of essential character values such as responsibility, accountability, and respect for self, others, and community.

School Objectives
  • To maintain a secure learning environment
  • To develop a positive self-concept within each individual student
  • To encourage respect for the rights of others and to reinforce character education
  • To cultivate each student’s academic, social, and moral leadership skills
  • To prepare intermediate students for success in the upper grades by teaching and strengthening proficiency of the basic skills in math, language arts, written expression, the sciences, and physical education
  • To encourage children to listen, to use time wisely, and to work independently in an orderly fashion
  • To develop a program of testing and guidance that is adequate to guide students in making educational and vocational choices based on individual skills, needs, interests, and aptitudes
  • To plan an instructional program which will prepare each student to succeed in his/her future educational or vocational choices
  • To foster an appreciation of the fine arts
  • To utilize a variety of available media
  • To initiate and strengthen skills in logical judgment and independent decision making
  • To create an understanding and appreciation for the founding principle of our country and its system of government, the Pledge of Allegiance is to be observed daily
  • To promote interaction between school and community
  • Implement our TSIPP objectives
  • Improve state assessment scores
  • To integrate technology into the classroom setting
  • To emphasize literacy across the curriculum
Educational Philosophy

Delk-Henson Intermediate School is a 4th, 5th, 6th grades community school. Our aim is to provide each student with varied learning experiences which will prepare him/her for a pluralistic society. Therefore, our school cultivates the intellectual, social, moral, aesthetic, and physical qualities of individual students. To prepare students for the challenges of an ever changing society, attention is given to providing a sound foundation of basic skills and knowledge that will enable the student to progress from level to level throughout the system and to enter secondary activities.

Each student is encouraged to develop responsibility, values, and respect for the rights of others. We encourage, in all courses of study, the ability to think and communicate critically, as well as creatively. To implement these goals, we believe that discipline is essential to the maintenance of a learning environment and to the personal growth of each student.

Since we are a community school, a tradition-rich environment has developed. A sense of mutual school-community belonging fosters school pride and nurtures academic success. We feel there should be a free exchange of ideas among the principal, faculty, students, parents, and community in implementing, expanding, and improving every facet of our school.

Main Objectives

The three main objectives of Delk-Henson Intermediate School are to insure:

(1) Academics, (2) Attendance, and (3) Accountability.

To help each student accomplish these objectives, the administration strongly suggests students follow these three simple rules:

Be where you are supposed to be,

Do what you are supposed to do,


Be there on time.